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Please note that we've added a "Premier Academy" option for our U11 and U12 players. This package includes additional training and competitive opportunities to better prepare our teams that are on the trajectory toward the Premier League (MSPSL), which begins at U13.

2021/22 Information

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Format and Guidelines

  1. Tryouts for each group will be ONE date/time, unless the player has been pre-approved to play up. In that case, the player will need to tryout out both nights in both age groups. 

  2. Selection Criteria: The Independent and Coach Evaluations of each player contribute almost exclusively to the selection of teams based on soccer ability. The rank-order list is used to select approximately half of the team, while the remainder is selected at the coach's discretion, subject to additional criteria. This table summarizes the required number of selections based on the rank-order list at each age group.

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    3. Criteria

  3. Coaches can then draw from the list of tryout candidates as they deem appropriate to fill out the roster, with the caveat that selections should be within 5 places of the GVSA maximum roster size limit from the ranked list. For example, the maximum roster for U11 is 16, so selections should be from the top 21 ranked players.

  4. Please pre-register for tryouts by following the link on the "Register Now" button at the top of this page.